CFI Binder Subscription Explained

The Complete CFI Binder Series was designed as a dynamic product. A product that is perpetually updated, as needed, to ensure that our customers always have the most up-to-date material to use both on the FAA Practical and while teaching their students. The Complete CFI Binder Series is routinely updated with new content and is revised to update old content and to correct errors.

Why We Charge

Nowadays, inherently Information Age. It can seem like all information should be free. While we wish it was actually possible to offer you updates, downloads, and new content, for free. We simply cannot. Let’s be honest. Who would do all the work that’s required to keep the product updated, and add new content while working for free? How would we keep the lights on? How do we pay our server and web hosting bills? The answer is. No one would work for free. And We wouldn't pay our bills if we didn't charge for the subscription. 

This is why we charge a $25.00 semi-annual fee for this subscription. It’s impossible to find staff who will work for free.  We already know the adverse effects "working for free" has had on the Aviation Industry. We simply wouldn’t be able to do all the work that’s required to keep these products updated for you, if we can't pay our staff to do the work. 

Free Period

We provide all of our customers with a free period. This free period lasts for six months. During this period. You’ll receive free product revisions, which include feature updates, new content additions, error corrections, and the ability to re-download The Complete CFI Binder Series any time you need to from our servers. This free period begins immediately after your order is processed.

Billing Period

Once the free period ends, you will be charged a $25.00 semi-annual fee for this subscription. You will continue to be billed for this subscription until you cancel it.   If you do not cancel your subscription, you will be billed another renewal, on the “start date” listed on your initial order invoice.

Cancel At Any Time

All customers have the unrestricted ability to cancel their subscription at any time, while still retaining the ability to download product updates for the remaining duration of your free period. free subscription period. Many customers opt to do this if they don’t want to be billed for the subscription, once the free trial ends.

We permit you to cancel this subscription yourself, directly from your Customer Account, at any time! If you’d like to cancel the subscription now, please do so by going reviewing the following Support Article Titled: ”Cancel Your Subscription.

After Cancellation

Keep in mind; canceling this subscription will terminate your individual user license for this product, and will prevent you from the following:

  1. Downloading updates.
  2. Download Reset Requests.
  3. The capability to re-download The Complete CFI Binder Series.

Subscription Refund Policy

We have a very hefty legal page that talks about subscriptions and our refund policy. The subscription that we bundle with our product contains a key component called “a user license.” This user license grants you permission to use our product (intellectual property) for a specified duration of time. We use the word “grant” because legally; you DO NOT OWN our intellectual property. We’re simply granting you permission to use it (hence the license). This is why you cannot modify our work. The license is also how we physically control our intellectual property (who has it, and what they’re doing with it).

Once a subscription renewal is processed, we will permit you to cancel the renewal no greater than thirty days (30) beyond the date of the subscription renewal. If you do not contact us within thirty days to cancel your subscription, you will not be entitled to a refund of any kind. On occasion, an exception may be granted but said exception will be made at the sole discretion of FlightCog, its directors, and/or employees.

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