Canceling a Subscription

If you have a subscription to a product that you'd like to cancel. You can easily do this from within your customer account. You can upgrade, downgrade, sidegrade, and totally cancel any subscription that you're enrolled in. To cancel your subscription: please follow the instructions included in the images below.

Order Management Dashboard

You must be signed in to your user account. After you've signed in. Go to your Order Management screen by clicking on your name as depicted below. Thence, click on "Order Management" this will land you on the Order Management Dashboard.

Cancel a Subscription

Subscriptions Tab

You must be signed in to your user account. To cancel your subscription, head to the Subscriptions Tab, located within your Order Management Dashboard. After you click on the Subscriptions Tab. You will be directed to a new screen where you can process a cancellation for any subscription you are presently enrolled in.

  1. You must select the subscription you'd like to cancel. 
  2. After making your selection. Hit the cancel button to process your subscription cancellation. 
  3. You will continue to enjoy the privileges of your subscription until the renewal date arrives. When the renewal date is reached, the subscription will be fully canceled. You will no longer be billed.

Pending Cancellation

If you have a subscription in a Pending Cancelation Status: 

  1. Your subscription is "canceled" in terms of billing. 
  2. We will not be re-bill on the scheduled renewal date when a subscription is in a "Pending Cancellation" status. 
  3. You will be able to continue using your subscription until its renewal date, Thence, the subscription will fully cancel.

Resubscribe Anytime

If you decide that you’d like to re-subscribe to a subscription at a later time, you may do so. You’ll simply need to pay the required subscription fee, and your subscription will be reinstated.

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