Navigating the Affiliate Area

This support document will assist you with navigating our Affiliate Area. This is a general overview of the entire affiliate area. You can easily organize all of your affiliate links, payouts, statistics, graphs, referrals, and creatives directly inside of the Affiliate Area and within the Dashboard.

You must be logged in to your account to access the Affiliate Area.


The Affiliate Dashboard is an excellent place to find all of your performance and payout metrics in one single location. After you begin sharing your affiliate links, you’ll begin to see all of your performance activity on this page. You can see how many referrals you’ve had, how many visits your affiliate link has generated, and your conversion rate.

Affiliate Url

Affiliate URLs use a cookie that tracks who the last referrer was that influenced the customer to complete the order and thus create a sale. This cookie is valid for 60-days. This tracking cookie will be added to the prospective customer’s web browser and will stay in the browser cache until either the browser cache is cleared or the time period of 60-days lapses.

Referral Url

The Affiliate URLs page will be the primary location where you will obtain your referral URL. Your referral URL is a very important link. You must share this link with the people that you want to refer to Divergent Aerospace in order for you to obtain credit for the sale. 

If you do not share your referral URL. You will not receive a commission and credit for the sale if the referral places an order. There is no way for us to determine where the sale originated without the referral URL being utilized before the sale occurs. So please make sure that your referrals are utilizing your referral URL. 

Referral Url Generator

The referral URL generator can be used to allow a prospective affiliate to “land” on a specific page. For example, if you want to refer a prospective customer to a specific page on our website, like “The Complete CFI Binder Series” so the prospective customer can look at the product you are recommending to them. You simply “generate” the URL based on the page you want them to see. 

By generating a referral URL based on a specific page. You are doing two things. First, you are directing the prospective customer to the said page you want to advertise. Second, you are adding the “tracking cookie” to this URL. Now, when the prospective customer lands on this page. The cookie is added to their browser and they’ll be able to browse the page. 

In the image provided below, for example, the words “cfi-binder” are highlighted. This is the area in the URL that you will create on your own depending on which page you’d like to have the perspective customer land on. If you notice, in the generated URL below, the affiliate link has been added to the URL string. 

Simply enter the page you wish the prospective customer to land on. Then copy said link below and provide this link to the person you want to refer.  The affiliate link will always include your username on our website. Keep this in mind. 


The statistics tab allows our affiliates to see their unpaid referrals (what we owe you), paid referrals (what we’ve paid you), how many visits your affiliate URLs have had, our conversion rate, and your commission rate. You can also track the campaigns that you’ve created using the Referral URL Generator.


On the graphs tab, you can track your overall performance in a variety of different ways. Use the filter option to filter your performance based on a specified time period.


On the referrals tab, you can track your referrals by reference number, amount, description (type), pay status, and date.


The payouts tab is used to track all of the affiliate income we’ve paid you. You can see when your payouts occurred, what account it went into when the payment is estimated to arrive in your account and the status.


On the visits tab, you can see and track how many times someone has clicked on the affiliate URL that you’ve shared. You can also see how if those visits converted and generated a sale. Conversions are good. A conversion means that someone made a purchase using your affiliate URL, thus, you should be seeing a commission.


Creatives are FlightCog branded visual assets that you can use to promote our products.

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