Saving a PDF File to the Books App (Apple iOS)

This support article will demonstrate how to download a PDF file to your iOS device, and how to save that file to Apple Books. This article was written specifically for the Safari web browser.

  • Note the following: support saving files to your device is above our scope of support. 
  • We do not control iOS and therefore, do not provide any support on how to use iOS.
  • The information we have provided below is a courtesy.

Download Delay

There is an approximate 10-15 second "rendering period" for PDF files commencing immediately after hitting the download button(s) on our website. Please, be patient, while the file is being rendered in the background. After the "rendering process" is completed. Your download will begin.

Each time you click on the download button. You are initiating a separate download request. As a result, the file will begin to re-render and you will not only wait longer for the download to occur but you will also use up one of your available downloads. So, please be patient and only click on the download link one time.

PDF File Behavior on iOS

When a PDF file is downloaded on an Apple iOS device. The PDF file will automatically open in the web browser on your iPad. This is not something that we can control, because we did not develop Apple's iOS. This process occurs on any and all PDF files that you download on your iOS device. Always... Since our PDF files are large and may take several minutes to download on your iOS device. We need to set the explanation of what you'll encounter when you begin your download attempts on an iOS device. 

After your eBook has been encoded on our server.  It is not uncommon for your browser to display a grey screen or similar. This is being displayed because the file download has actually begun on your device. Be patient, the file is downloading in the background.

Saving a PDF File to the Apple Books App

Saving a PDF file to Apple Books is relatively simple. The process depicted below assumes that you have already requested a download from our server. In the examples below, the rendering process has been completed, and the file has been downloaded to your iOS device and currently lives "in Safari."

  1. Select the small box with an arrow in the right corner of your screen, as depicted below.
  2. Select Books.
  3. Wait for the book to copy from Safari to Apple Books.
  4. After the book has been successfully copied to Apple Books, the file is now "saved" to your device. It is now safe to close the page in Safari where the book was downloaded from.
  5. Enjoy your book!

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