Identity Provider Login

An Identity Provider is an external authentication service that you can use to "create" an account on our website using shared information from that provider. This is normally just your email address and your name. Using an Identity Provider simply makes account creation on our site much quicker with one less password to remember (unless you want another password to remember). Easily create your new account using an Identity Provider during order checkout.

Duplicate IDP Accounts

A duplicate Identity Provider Account (IDP) can happen when a user is trying to sign in using an IDP but accidentally signs into one associated with a different email address. As a result, when you do log in. All of your orders, subscriptions, licenses, social media connections and support conversations will be missing from your user account. You now have a duplicate account on our platform. And are logged into a "new" empty account that you have just created with that IDP. 

If this happens. You must contact us to have these accounts merged.

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